Want a better way to
keep your hot tub clean?
Let ScumRay do its magic!

ScumRay – Twin Pack

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Unique material, clever design

ScumRay’s unique absorbing fibers attract body oils. These fibers are woven into a 3D honeycomb micromesh, dramatically increasing the surface area available to trap hot tub scum.

ScumRay’s clever design allows it to both float and sink, maximizing the surface area in contact with your water.

  • • ScumRay’s submerged tail allows water to wash over its wings, quickly trapping scum.
  • ScumRay’s belly fibers trap body oils that go through your hot tub pump, as these oils rise to the surface.

How it works

ScumRay does its magic

ScumRay keeps your hot tub sparkling clean by absorbing body oils, cosmetics and exfoliated skin before they become scum deposits in your tub, pipes, and filter.

ScumRay – Twin Pack

Oil trapped on the surface and deep inside can be seen under black lighting. Simply wash with dark laundry to remove all of the trapped scum.

ScumRay – Twin Pack

Goes for a dip

ScumRay – Twin Pack

Does its magic

ScumRay – Twin Pack

Tub is sparkling clean

ScumRay out-cleans the competition!

ScumRay – Twin Pack
ScumRay – Twin Pack
ScumRay – Twin Pack

All you have to do is…

Start Fresh!

• Before using ScumRay, clean your filter with filter cleaner
• Use hot tub purge before changing your water
•  Fill your tub with water and balance the chemistry

Install your ScumRay

• Remove packaging and secure tail using the suction cup anchor. If the cup won’t stick, let the suction cup sink the tail – ScumRay will circulate in your tub!
• Alternatively, use your dispenser or a tub feature to secure ScumRay

Sweep it

• After every dip in your tub, take ScumRay by the tail and
gently sweep it back and forth across the water
• Sweeping helps absorb floating oils

Wash it

• Wash one at a time, alternating every week
• Wash in warm water with dish soap; agitate well to remove trapped oils
• Rinse well and air dry before returning to hot tub
• Always keep one in your hot tub
• If your ScumRay is sinking, you are not washing often enough!

Make the most of it

• Before every wash, use ScumRay’s padded head to wipe scum
build-up at your hot tub’s waterline.

Replace yearly to maintain peak cleaning performance

ScumRay Twin Pack

Our Twin Pack includes two ScumRay hot tub cleaners with suction cup anchors. ScumRay is made of scum-trapping micromesh to quickly absorb body oils, cosmetics and exfoliated skin before they become scum deposits in your tub, pipes, and filter.